Author: Clint Carter

Clint (that’s me!) is a Brooklyn-based writer and editor. He’s ridden motorcycles with Charlie Hunnam and eaten the world’s hottest pepper. Going against his better judgment (and not for the first time), he once took performance-enhancing drugs at work. He covers health and thinks it’s your patriotic duty to sleep more. He writes about travel and business. He was once mentioned in an Entrepreneur magazine editor’s letter (for this story). His interests include riding bikes and motorcycles, drinking beer and coffee, and eating cheese and bugs. (We’ll all be doing it after the apocalypse.)

Still here?

Then perhaps you’d be interested to learn that Clint (again, still me) has edited some big magazine packages. He’s also edited some sexy stories that may have helped him to understand the inner workings of at least one woman. This one time, Clint edited a story by his best friend Willie Geist (editor’s note: Willie does not remember Clint), and another time, he convinced Kevin Hart to teach a writer how to do stand-up comedy. Pretty funny guy, that Kevin. And the writer. And Willie, come to think of it.

Before going freelance, Clint was a senior editor at Men’s Journal and Men’s Health.