I’ve been lucky to work on a whole crap-load of the subjects that interest me. Here’s a sample. (Reduced-size .pdfs may be slightly imperfect.)


Big package-y things

100 Summer Adventures, Men’s Journal special issue, summer 2017
Cover file only

Men’s Health 2016 Spring Guide to Style
22 pages, 11.6 MB

Men’s Health Stress Package
9 pages, 4.2 MB
(I also wrote a few words for this package)

Men’s Health 2015 Tech Guide
23 pages, 11.4 MB

Men’s Health story: What’s Your Man Score?
8 pages, 2 MB

Men’s Health 2015 Spring Guide to Style
25 pages, 11.1 MB


Profile things
Kevin Hart teaches us to do stand-up
3 pages, 36.4 MB

Ed Helms learns to kick back
4 pages, 19.2 MB

Jon Bernthal aims for the big leagues
4 pages, 74.4 MB


Style things
Style transformation
2 pages, 825 KB

Paul Feig on looking like a boss
1 page, 563 KB

Rules of Denim
2 pages, 1.2 MB


Grooming things
Handle the Heat
1 page, 382 KB

How to bald boldly
1 page, 562 KB

Know thy blade basics
1 page, 318 KB


Infographic things
How Pain Works
2 pages, 801 KB

Make Meetings Suck Less
1 page, 3.7 MB

Will She Sleep with You?
1 page, 1.4 MB


Travel things
Spring Break: Adult Edition
4 pages, 15.9 MB

How pilots dodge jetlag
1 page, 404 KB

The science of travel
1 page, 540 KB


Lady things
Cecily Strong
2 pages, 793 KB

Jaimie Alexander
1 page, 629 KB

Joy Bryant
1 page, 547 KB


Sexy things
I gave a polygraph test to three women
2 pages, 27 MB

How your home can get you laid
4 pages, 93.4 MB


Work things
Break Through the Cash Ceiling
1 page, 547 KB

Is Your Job Killing You?
1 page, 677 KB

Fast Track to the Corner Office
4 pages, 1.7 MB


Money things
How to Buy Happiness
3 pages, 1.7 MB

One man’s financial transformation
1 page, 512 KB

Your guide to deductions
1 page, 605 KB


Food things
Best of the Wurst
2 pages, 20.5 MB

It’s time we all get serious about PB&J
2 pages, 22.9 MB

Give Tequila Another Shot
1 page, 274 KB


Muscle things
30 Pounds of Muscle: The Kit Harrington Transformation
2 pages, 21.6 MB

How Aaron Taylor-Johnson packed on movie-star muscle
1 page, 378 KB


Fatherhood things
Five Drinks of a Man’s Life, written by Willie Geist
2 pages, 646 KB

From Toddler to Tycoon
1 page, 236 KB

Raise Smart Kids
1 page, 324 KB


Health things
A man’s guide to therapy
1 pages, 29.6 MB

Does Your Doc Need a Checkup?
1 page, 700 KB

5 Health Mistakes You Make Every Day
1 page, 1.9 MB


Some things I didn’t know where to put
Are You a Righteous Dude?
3 pages, 752 KB

My Month of Holy Hell
2 pages, 1.1 MB